Orga Team

Evgeni Yankulov
Competitor and organizer of many “petrol” events as the greatest of these is off-Fest "Velingrad and Friends" with over 450 participants. Chairman of "Offroad Club 4x4 Velingrad", member of the Offroad Commission of the Automobile Federation of Bulgaria.
Mr. Hasаn Azis
Mr. Hasаn Azis Mayor of the municipality, big friend of off-road sports, ATV rider, host of the race thanks to their, thanks to their is possible the race “Kardjali 4x4”
Plamen Bogdanov
Race Director “Trophy Kardjali 4x4” – Organizer with experience in many races – “Balkan Marathon Rally 2011” and ”24 Hours of Sofia 2013”, President of “Off-Road Club Kardjali 4x4”
Todor Hristov
An offroad competitor with a 4x4 vehicle for more than 8 years. Offroad champion of Bulgaria in 2002 with Mercedes G, participating in "Berlin-Breslau 2002" and over 50 other offroad competitions in Bulgaria and other countries. He is an organizer and sponsor of the National Offroad Championship 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and of the Offroad Championship for women in 2008 and 2009. He is an organizer and sponsor of the Bulgarian Offroad Marathon "Adventure Bulgaria 2007 & 2008". With the ÀÒV "R
Krasimir Kolev
One of the best ATV riders in Bulgaria, organizer in Enduro Championship, second place in European Baja Championship 2016. Track maker for “Kardjali Off-Road Fest 2017”and Race Director for ATV category.
Nasko Arabadzhiev
Organizer of “Ruse Networx 4x4”and Race director of “Samokov Trophy”. Jury president of “Kardjali Off-Road Fest 2017”
Velibor Vili Kaevski
Chief of Timekeeping
Yanko Dimov
Commandant of the Race, Chief of Security Group.
Yavor Stoev
GPS tracks control
Cross Club Kardjali
Moto Bikers with experience in Bulgarian Enduro Championship, “Balkan Marathon Rally” and organizers of two hard enduro races in Kardjali. The Heart and the Hands of the race “Kardjali 4x4”
Valter Vachkov 1965-2015
Track maker from 2007, big experience with 4x4 cars. Creator of the routes for “Balkan Off-Road Marathon” 2009, 2010, 2011 in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. The designer of all paths in Kardzhali from the first edition in 2011! This edition of the race will be in his honor and memory, because he deserves, because he would have liked it and will continue to be with us .... and always be in our hearts.